MOAR Comunity Center

Our church has a large multipurpose hall. This space has provided us the opportunity to experience very special times.  Here we have become acquainted, we have laughed, we have studied.  We have listened and exchanged opinions .  We have had parties, danced, and above all we have eaten delicious foods from different parts of Latin America.  We will surely remember these moments for many years.  In other words, our multipurpose hall has helped us to “know each other and unite as one family, with the result of “living a different experience of the Church,” of a church which knows your name and your daily work. We are creating an “experience of a church which recognizes your face. We know who you are, from where you come, and where you are going.”

In March of 2011, on the occasion of the commemorative celebration of the death of Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero (whose initials are MOAR), the Vestry of La Iglesia El Buen Pastor gave approval that our hall be dedicated to and carry the name of “Centro Cumunitario MOAR, (Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero).

In this festival, we carried out activities such as: placing pictures  with the image of Monseñor Romero in the office of the church and in the hall;  celebration of the Eucharist, where a brief biography of Monseñor Romero was given, as well of some of his ideas;  fellowship, with typical Salvodoran dishes.  An opportunity to see the movie about Monseñor Romera was provided, and there were games for the children.

At present, our Centro Comunitario MOAR is used in different ways:

::For the church’s own activities

::For activities of groups which serve the community:  AA, Welcome Baby Family of Durham, Girl Scouts, monthly food distribution,  classes or workshops by Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, Casa el Salvador, North Carolina Latino Coalition, Autism Society of North Carolina,  Tae Kwon Do classes, Reading Club, computer classes, English classes, etc., etc.

Our Centro Comunitario MOAR is the propitious place not only to have different activities, but also to meet us and recognize each other as sons of God.

To quote some words of Monseñor Romero, which point out the motivation and objective of our Centro Comunitario,

“God wants to save us in our communities.  He does not want an isolated salvation.  Hence today’s church, more than ever, is emphasizing the feeling of community.  And therefore the church endures conflicts.  Because the church does not want crowds, but community.  A crowd is a great number of people without a common feeling, at best; a number quite conventional, at best.  The church wants to arouse in people the feeling of community.”